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Tantric Love Making: The Deeper Meaning Of The Practise

Sexual activity nowadays is totally different than how it was before and are more less intimate as well.

Before, foreplay is given so much attention in any sexual intimacy, which most have not considered of importance today. Tantric love making is not a commonly known practice and neither is its benefits established to be a known awareness. This is a Hindu practise that had been existent for over 5,000 years to promote physical and spiritual health by taking sexual sensational experience into putting effort in it.

With tantric sex, it is not the usual where orgasm and that the orgasm is not its main and optimal goal, but rather, the cultivation of the union of mind, body, emotion for both partners that requires patience and effort in giving more pleasure to the partner. Time and effort is a must in this kind of lovemaking, because both parties, especially the man, will have to the do much work in bringing in their sensuality and passion that will climax to a more satisfying orgasm. Partners can look into different practices or sexual ritual that can create a homey and comely ambiance making both relax to make out and do some stuff that can make intimacy be brought to another level.

For tantric love making, men does most of the responsibility here and has to please the woman and give in to her requests to bring satisfaction and pleasure for her, as well as give more time in exploring each other’s wild and intimate side. The man has to pamper a woman like a goddess, that will allow the woman to practice her sacredness and the man can also cultivate his appreciation and adoration skills, a ritual that can make the tantric love making more meaningful. The essence of making longer or prolonged act of intimacy increases positive sexual experience that, in turn, will release healthy hormones serotonin, HGH, DHEA, and Oxytocin that are beneficial to the sexual and overall health of a person.

There had been many confirmations that proves that the process is done in tantric love making having increasingly improved the quality of sexual activity for partners as well as their well being and their fitness and health overall that makes the effort worth doing.

Nonetheless, whatever method is used in the desire to fulfill sexual pleasure, it is always dependent on both parties on how far they will take the sexual activity that can make them achieved their wants and fill their needs.

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