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The Easy Guide to Diaper Changes

New mothers soon realizes that they a lot more to do than just feeding and outing their newborns to bed. It implies that every activity involving your newborn is now your full responsibility. Nappy change is one of the main duties that you will have to carry out as new mom.

During this time, you need to be a lot careful and keen. By observation, you will master how many times your baby passes out faeces and the time so that you can create a proper schedule for change. For an easy diaper change, you will need the following. First, you need to have a changing mat. You need to have at least three mats that are water proof mats. This is because they are most likely to get dirty and you will not want to a dirty one all over again. If it gets dirty, you should immediately put it in a basket and replace with a clean mat.

Babies need to be entertained as they lie down on the ma to be changed. Toys or rattles would make a perfect source of entertainment for them. This will make you have an easy time for changing. To avoid leaving you baby on the mat alone, you need to place the toys somewhere that they are easily reachable.

Since you will be frequently changing your baby to avoid health issues, you will need many diapers with you. Babies tend to have sensitive skins that can easily get rashes. In most cases, they get the rashes due to infrequent diaper change. You will definitely need many wipes. Since you will be using them to clean your babies skin, ensure that you buy the right ones. The wipes should be easy to use, wet and even soft. In most cases, you will find the wipes too cold to be used on a baby’s skin. In such case, you can warm them using baby wipes warmers.

Another essential that you ought not to miss is a cream or an ointment. After you have changed you babes diaper, you can apply them on the skin so that he or she does not get rashes. You should have in mind the type of skin your baby has as you select one. There are several chemists where you can find the creams or ointments. You can decide to also use a moisturizer along with the cream. After the change, you can either use a baby powder or any other baby fragrance simply for a nice feel. With all these gears at bay, diaper change will be even more enjoyable and less hectic.

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