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Choosing the Best Campsite

The particular spot that you chose for your campsite will either make or destroy your camping experience. Here are several tips that would aid you on how to properly choose the finest campsite for you.

1. Well-established spots are the best

Even though you will camp in the wild, you must make sure that your chosen spot is clear from rubbish and tall grasses.

2. Choose the appropriate land.

Your chosen terrain must be relatively flat with a very slight slope that would represent as the drainage system in case of rain. Morever, your terrain’s ground should not be soft because if it is, your tent would not hold its place.

3. Determine if you could get water nearby

If you will camp for days, make sure that you have an access to the clean and fresh water in the area.

4. Harness the sun’s advantages

The sun could be in your favor by means of giving warmth during the mornings that would dry up your things or increase the temperature during a cold climate, but in terms of a very hot day, you would surely need some shades into your campsite.

5. Determine the wind’s velocity and strength

It is advisable to search for a spot that is well sheltered from strong winds, even though you discover that there are lots of bugs in the place, the wind will then become your ally. Areas that are highly exposed would be very cool at night which may not be your type. If you are in a windy spot, you must be able to put some weights on your equipment outside and stake well your tarps and tents.

6. Ask before you light a fire

Always consider that there might be rules in lighting up fires. If the management allows fire then you must be able to look for a place wherein strong winds are absent with dry firewood.

7. Pick the view that you like

Imagine yourself relaxing in your campsites and enjoy watching a very beautiful scenery.

8. Safety is a must

Do not set up your camp near a river especially if it has a tendency to flood or even camp on an elevated place. Be vigilant of the wild animals such as bears, boars, snakes, and many more. Take note that dead branches could fall from old trees so you must not camp under those trees.

9. Be respectful

Do not set up your camp close to people who do not want to be disturbed.

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